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Assset Docs recently had the opportunity to document some of the artifacts aboard an historic vessel - the USS OLYMPIA - in Philadelphia.  OLYMPIA is the oldest steel warship afloat, and played a crucial role in the United States' rise to become a world Naval power in the late 19th Century.  Below are photographs of some of the items we 'discovered' in several rarely visited places on the ship - spaces that have never been open to the public.

Wooden Instrument Box, probably for a Sextant or Chronometer, marked BASSNETT

Heavy brass fuse box - so many of the artifacts were solid brass or cast bronze.

This large gong rang out 'Battle Stations' at the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898!

Engineroom Gauge

A Pelorus, probably not from OLYMPIA at all, but from the submarine BECUNA.

One of the ship's many wheels - this one dismounted, in 'After Steering'.
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