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ASSET DOCS provides the perfect solution: Independent, Unbiased, Third-Party documentation service of your assets.

Recommended by INSURANCE COMPANIES, ATTORNEYS and FINANCIAL PLANNERS, asset documentation offers the owner PROTECTION and PEACE OF MIND by providing a DETAILED CATALOG of their property to MAXIMIZE AND SIMPLIFY insurance claims.

Asset Documentation can help VERIFY losses for INCOME TAX DEDUCTIONS.

Your detailed listing and Asset Catalog is ideal as a supplement documentation for estate planning. Simply tell us, during our house call, who each item is to be passed on to, and we'll record those instructions as part of your Asset Docs catalog. A copy of your catalog data DVD should then be placed with your attorney to ensure your wishes are understood and followed.

All too often we hear reports of valuables going missing when a home is for sale. Real estate agents recommend you have a full asset documentation of your listed property BEFORE it is shown to prospective buyers.

Insurance companies and adjusters no longer rely solely on square footage of a home or business to establish the extent and value of a loss. Should you need to file an insurance claim after a fire or natural disaster, you will have to present proof of the ornateness or modifications you have made to the original construction of your premises.

Use your Asset Documentation to VERIFY the original condition of lost or damaged items resulting from a move.

Business owners benefit from our Asset Documentation service. Protect against loss from THEFT, FIRE and DAMAGE. Our professional, third-party service can prove vital in the event of a partnership, or other, business dispute.

ASSET DOCS gives you the Peace of Mind you need. File insurance claims with confidence, knowing that YOU HAVE THE BEST DOCUMENTATION OF YOUR ASSETS.





“Having recently relocated, I realize, more than ever before, the value of documenting one’s assets.  This process allowed me to be more organized, thorough, and accurate in certain transactions such as getting the right type and amount of coverage on my homeowner’s insurance policy.  It provided me with a useful database which I can reference when either buying or selling art, antiques, and collectibles.  That same information can be used when specifying personal effects that I may wish to pass on to my heirs.  I feel that this is a very important undertaking, and I highly recommend Asset Docs whose services exceeded my expectations.”

Satisfied New Jersey College Professor – 6/2010

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