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 Medical and Dental Practices

We specialize in medical, dental and veterinary practices

Our service to your practice is tax deductible.

Asset Docs catalogs medical offices, dental clinics and veterinary practices.  Using our tailor-made software and high-resolution digital photography, a team from Asset Docs can document the facilities, furnishings, equipment and instruments that make up your practice. 

The resulting catalog, in both print and digital media, is invaluable in case of insurance loss.  The information is also useful as a training aid, to familiarize employees with the resources available in the practice.  Using the database to establish the value of the physical aspects of the business is another function for which Doctors have used our catalogs.

Sample Screen Shots (below)

Your catalog will detail and illustrate the hundreds of items found in your practice.

Items are photographed in their working contexts

Instruments and inventory in their storage locations.

Sterile cassettes and their contents detailed and counted.

High resolution photography illustrates all items.

Make, model and serial numbers are always documented.

Each room is documented separately for a complete catalog.

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