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 Before Our Visit - Preparing For Asset Documentation

THE PROCESS of Asset Documentation involves our taking detailed notes and photographing the furniture, appliances and other items in every room of your home. We want our visit to cause as little disruption as possible, and yet be thorough. To facilitate the process, we offer the following tips:


  • Clear clutter
  • Arrange for a sitter for small children.
  • Seclude pets – our presence in your home can be upsetting to them, and they can distract us.
  • Gather documents and reference materials in one easily accessible location.



  • The square footage of your home. If unknown, we will measure and calculate.
  • Details of original construction, renovations and upgrades to your home.
  • Background information on the source, cost and age of furniture, antiques, etc.
  • Receipts and appraisal reports that we may scan to include in your documentation.



  • We will call you to confirm our arrival time.
  • Children and pets ready for our visit?
  • Our house calls can take as little as one day, but in order to be thorough, the process cannot be rushed.
  • All items to be cataloged should be displayed – we do not open drawers and closets.
  • Display group items, or a representative sample, such as furs and jewelry, for documentation.
  • For china, crystal and flatware, position an entire place setting on a table to be photographed.


    Many clients have collections of art, stamps, coins, figurines, guns or other valuable items.
    Detailed documentation of a collection is a thorough and therefore time-consuming process.
    We do not perform detailed documentation of collectibles during the same visit as your home asset documentation.
    If you have a collection, or multiple collections, you wish documented, we will be glad to schedule a separate session for that process.

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