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 How Does It Work?

ASSET DOCS uses a combination of high-resolution digital photography and specialized, secure database software, to record the details of your home or business' physical assets.

ASSET DOCS then prepares comprehensive documentation, which includes detailed written descriptions (size, manufacturer, model, serial number, etc.) and photographs of each physical asset in your home or business..

ASSET DOCS delivers to you a full-color printed copy of your Asset Documentation Catalog for your reference. The printed catalog displays one photograph of each documented asset. The data CD (described below) contains all photographs (up to four) of each asset.

ASSET DOCS also provides you with a data CD containing all the information gathered during our visit to your propery. Custom software on the disc allows you to view the database and digital photographs on your computer.

KEEPING YOUR ASSET DOC CATALOG UP-TO-DATE An asset documentation should not be a static "snapshot" of your possessions. As you make incidental purchases (replace a refrigerator, add a new TV, etc.) just call us with the make, model and serial number and we'll update your catalog free of charge. For more extensive changes (remodeling, building addition, etc.), we can schedule a house call at an affordable hourly rate.


"For Christmas 2010 my wife surprised me with a cataloging of our home's assets from Asset Docs. It was the best present I've received in 30 years!

Satisfied Pennsylvania Attorney - 1/2011"

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