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Documentation of your assets is extremely affordable when performed by Asset Docs.  In fact, we feel that home and business owners with insurance can't afford NOT to have us catalog their assets!

CALL US TODAY for a no-cost, no-obligation analysis of your needs.


Our residential services are based on the aggregate square footage of heated living space.  We can include, at no charge or reduced charges, unheated spaces where you have other items stored, such as garages, basements, utility buildings, pool and patio areas. 


We typically quote buisnesses on an hourly rate, with consideration to square footage, location and complexity of structure and contents. 


All of our clients benefit from an easy payment system of 50% upon signing of contract and 50% upon delivery of your completed Asset catalog (print and disc).



My wife and I had a theft on our property. Among the items stolen, were two expensive shotguns. We carry a large amount of contents insurance; I thought we were covered. When I called our insurance agent, I was told that “fine art and firearms” were only covered as an annual aggregate of $1,500. After our deductible of $500, we were left with an insurance payment of $1,000 for shotguns worth $30,000. Asset Docs documentation would have taught us that we needed to have “riders” in place to fully cover our possessions.

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