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 Why Asset Documentation?


A THOROUGH documentation of your personal or business assets can serve several purposes.

  • IN THE EVENT of a loss to fire, theft or natural disaster your insurance company is going to need proof of the extent of your loss. Without the detailed record that an Asset Documentation provides, a full accounting of your possessions will be difficult to compile after the fact.

  • AN ASSET DOCUMENTATION will also help you and your insurance agent review to make sure your policy covers your possessions fully.

  • REMODELING and UPGRADING YOUR HOME  Insurance companies and adjusters no longer rely solely on square footage of a home or business to establish the extent and value of a loss. Should you need to file an insurance claim after a fire or natural disaster, you will have to present proof of the ornateness or modifications you have made to the original construction of your premises.

  • AN ASSET DOCUMENTATION can also be used to assign certain possessions to heirs or beneficiaries.



"Asset Docs saved me over $800.00 in yearly insurance premiums, even with the extensive remodeling that I’ve done.

My agent reviewed my Asset Docs Catalog and wrote this: 'Usually we find that homes are under insured and need to be increased.  In your situation - my calculations show your house is over insured and needs to be decreased.' Thank you Asset Docs!" 
 -  Grateful Abington Area Homeowner   4/2013

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