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October 5, 2012

Asset Docs Attends Bench Bar


On Friday, October 5, The Asset Docs attended the Lackawanna Bar Association's 'Bench Bar', a series of seminars for local lawyers.  This was a great opportunity to familiarize the legal professionals with our services of cataloging businesses, homes and estates for their clients.  Nearly 200 lawyers attended the luncheon and afternoon break-out sessions.  

   Pictured above are Asset Docs founding partner Jane Mallonee with Attorney Irwin Schneider.

June, 2012

Asset Docs Adds Appraisals


It is our pleasure to announce that Asset Docs can now provide appraisals for all types of your possessions.  Because we are working with appraisers with the highest level of credentialing attainable in the appraisal world, you now have an opportunity to have an expert appraiser review your valuables and advise you on insuring, selling, and maintaining those items. In today’s world of ever changing volatile markets, it is imperative that we have up to date information on our valuable personal property.

Call or message us for an appointment with an appraiser, or for more details.




Lackawanna County Firm Aids Historic Warship Preservation
Contact:      Kenn Anderson, Sr.Phone:       
(570) 945-7411 Email:         

URL:            www.TheAssetDocs.com

Dalton, PA

In 1898, the mighty USS Olympia was the flagship of the Pacific fleet.  From her deck, Admiral George Dewey directed the battle of Manila Bay, a stunning victory for the new steel navy of the United States.

One hundred thirteen years later, the Olympia is experiencing difficulties.  Currently on display at the Independence Seaport Museum (ISM) in Philadelphia, Olympia is in dire need of repairs to keep her afloat.  

One Lackawanna County firm, using their unique capabilities, will be documenting the artifacts and features of a portion of the ship that has never been viewed by the public. 

In a letter confirming Asset Docs’ appointment to the job, Jesse Lebovics, Historic Ships Manager of ISM said “The Olympia is so big and has so much historical material onboard that we have only scratched the surface of analyzing what we have and determining how it should best be used and preserved.  Your efforts will be invaluable to us … as we move forward by setting the standard for how to proceed, by actual identification of important artifacts, and by providing us with documentation that we can use in our planning and development activities.”

“We are thrilled to have a part in securing Olympia’s place in history for future generations,” said Kenn Anderson of Asset Docs.  “This is the oldest steel warship in the world, and it played a critical role in making our nation the global naval power it is today.”

Work on the project will begin in Philadelphia immediately after Memorial Day.

Asset Docs, located in Dalton, provides professional documentation service for home and business owners.  Using custom database software and digital images, Asset Docs creates a printed catalog containing full details of every item on the premises.  In addition, the data is provided to the client in electronic form on DVDs so it can be viewed on a computer.

Asset Docs serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.  Additional details may be found on the World Wide Web at: www.TheAssetDocs.com

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