Testimonials Friday, December 19, 2014

"Asset Docs saved me over $800.00 in yearly insurance premiums, even with the extensive remodeling that I’ve done.

My agent reviewed my Asset Docs Catalog and wrote this: 'Usually we find that homes are under insured and need to be increased.  In your situation - my calculations show your house is over insured and needs to be decreased.' Thank you Asset Docs!" 
 -  Grateful Abington Area Homeowner   4/2013

As executor of a large and complicated estate, I found the services of The Asset Docs to be invaluable. Their meticulous attention to detail, understanding of furnishings, documents, antiques and artwork served to unravel the mysteries of a lifetime’s accumulation of acquisitions. I could not have organized an inventory that would satisfy both the lawyers and the IRS any other way. I highly recommend The Asset Docs for all estate inventories and cataloging.

- Ray Nearhood, Executor 6/2012

Current events make you think:  earth quakes, tornados, floods, thefts, fire….what if???   My business partner and I decided that it was time to get serious about documenting our assets. 

One of the smartest decisions we made was to enlist the help of The Asset Docs.   Their documentation services went far beyond anything we could have put together on our own, and it’s great to be able to provide both our accountant and insurance company with a comprehensive listing of the items in our practice. 

We are extremely satisfied with The Asset Docs and recommend them to any business owner or private individual.

                  Drs. Lally and Aronsohn, Endless Smiles Dental Group  5/2011

 Now that I have seen exactly how Asset Docs goes about performing an asset documentation, I am more than impressed with the level of service that you provide. Watching you record and fully document my valuables first hand really gave me a much better understanding, not only of how thoroughly you work, but of the steps that I would need to take should something happen to my residence (fire, theft, etc.). I highly recommend your service to any home or business owner who wants to have proper and accurate documentation of the contents in their home or business.

Pennsylvania Sales Executive  3/2011

I bought a home built in the 1960s in Florida in March 2010.  While one could have just moved in, many features of the house were dated, such as the wall-to-wall carpeting and the 18” shallow bathtub.  Other items were inadequate, such as the attic insulation and the electrical panel.  A new septic system was required before I could get an occupancy permit, and the pool deck’s drainage needed major corrections.  In short, to make the home “my own” required an additional $40,000 over the purchase price.

Homes in Florida are insured on REPLACEMENT VALUE, based on the MLS listing and tax records.

The home I am living in a year later only vaguely resembles the one I purchased.

Thank you ASSET DOCS for enabling me to clearly show my insurance company what it would really take to replace my home!
New Resident, Cocoa, Florida  12/2010


"My wife and I had a theft on our property. Among the items stolen, were two expensive shotguns. We carry a large amount of contents insurance; I thought we were covered. When I called our insurance agent, I was told that “fine art and firearms” were only covered as an annual aggregate of $1,500. After our deductible of $500, we were left with an insurance payment of $1,000 for shotguns worth $30,000." 
Wiser Pennsylvania Veterinarian - 2/2011

"For Christmas 2010 my wife surprised me with a cataloging of our home's assets from Asset Docs.  It was the best present I've received in 30 years! "
Satisfied Pennsylvania Attorney - 1/2011

"Experiencing an insurance claim to your home or business causes worry for the safety and survival of your family and/or employees. Since most insurance policies require an inventory of the contents which you have, I recommend homeowners and business owners obtain a professional Asset Documentation to improve the speed and efficiency in claim processing." 
Beth O'Malley, CPCU - Insurance Sales - DGK Insurance  -  8/2010

"Having recently relocated, I realize, more than ever before, the value of documenting one's assets. This process allowed me to be more organized, thorough, and accurate in certain transactions such as getting the right type and amount of coverage on my homeowner's insurance policy. It provided me with a useful database which I can reference when either buying or selling art, antiques, and collectibles. That same information can be used when specifying personal effects that I may wish to pass on to my heirs. I feel that this is a very important undertaking, and I highly recommend Asset Docs, whose services exceeded my expectations."
Satisfied NJ College Professor - 6/2010












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